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What do we know about the organizations clinic?

Organizations’ clinics are related to the organization structure. Organizational structures are like the body of a living being. Various diseases can make these organisms difficult. For example, the financial sector of an organization may be in trouble or unefficient   sales and marketing department may face to problems. Its foreign trade may be in jeopardy or production may be in jeopardy. Different areas of the body of an organization can each be affected by shortcomings. An organization clinic can plan and execute diagnostic, treatment and recovery stages for any problem that occurs in an organization. When a patient enters the clinic, the first step is disease diagnosis, the organizational clinic first diagnoses the problem. The organizational clinic experts will identify which part of the organization’s problems are related to it. The organizational clinic then employs its specialist team in that field and introduces it to the organization or assists that part of the organization as an advisor. For example, for an organization that has problems in the financial sector, financial professionals are dispatched to consult with that part of the organization or even take over the executive department to fix the problem.

تامین و توسعه سرمایه گذاری

Pouresh Group Business Clinic

The organizational clinic is a new field in the world. Pouresh Investment Development Group plans to launch the clinic in Iran for the first time.