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What do you know about the cocoa powder and butter industry?

Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are cocoa products used in the preparation of a variety of cakes and pastries, biscuits, chocolates, drinks and desserts. These popular products are manufactured after various stages and are offered to their specific customers for sale. At the chocolate mills, to make cocoa powder from the cocoa beans, they roast and sift the grains to separate their shells from the grains

 They then grind the grains and remove the fat using special machines. The fat from this process is called cocoa butter, and the other ingredient that comes with it is called cocoa cake. In the next step to make cocoa powder, the cakes are placed in special mills.

Cocoa powder is a source of many minerals and vitamins. It has high levels of antioxidants and is effective in lowering blood pressure, preventing arterial obstruction and strengthening the body’s immune system. Taking this delicious ingredient reduces the risk of heart attack in different people. Cocoa butter, as another cocoa bean product, has its own medicinal and health benefits. Cocoa butter has many beneficial fatty acids and is used to treat skin problems. Among the various countries in the world, Côte d’Ivoire placed in tops the list of producers of this industry with annual production of 1.5 million tonnes of cocoa, including cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Other countries are leading the way, including Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria and Cameroon. In our country, special attention has been paid to the export and import of these products. For example, about 27 tons of powder cocoa were exported to countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq in 1396.In addition, they are the raw material of many of the food and cake and biscuit industries. Investing in the country will be both profitable and profitable for both domestic and export industries.

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How does Pouresh group help you in this way?

Pouresh’s team is an investor, consultant and importer of raw materials, equipment and machinery can help you to set up and operate cocoa powder and butter manufacturing plants. Our experience is to establish several industrial units in this field.

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