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Stone Coated Steel Roofing

What do you know about the modern sloping roofing industry?

New sloping roof coatings are currently being manufactured in the US, New Zealand, Germany and some Asian countries. This type of coating has also been introduced to Iran in recent decades and is used in areas that require sloping roofs in buildings. The most important layer used in this product is steel. In all, the modern cover has seven layers of sloping roofs, three layers below and four layers facing. The last layer of this type of coating is natural stone beads and has vivid and beautiful colours. The latest technology is used for modern sloping roofing productions in the world. The advantage of this coating over other types of sloping roofing is the thinnest and lightest roofing currently. It is also much faster than other similar products.

This coating requires no further moisture insulation and is resistant to wind and rain. Each 2.3 tiles of this product is 7 kg. The advantage of this lightweight roof coating is its resistance to earthquakes. The modern coating of sloping roofs is highly resistant to fire due to its steel. The unique mounting method of these coatings is the type of connection and flexibility make them resistant to the worst conditions. These cover faces the minimum of damage against fire, storms, floods and earthquakes.

پوشش نوین سقف های شیب دار

Pouresh group and new cover of sloping roofs industry

Pouresh Investment Development Group has been active in the construction industry and related industries. Our services in the field of modern sloping roof coatings are consulting and supporting the import of this product and contacting foreign manufacturers.

پوشش نوین سقف های شیب دار

پوشش نوین سقف های شیب دار