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Office Furniture Industry

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 The importance of office furniture is understandable when we know that most office workers spend an average of about two thousand hours a year doing their jobs. As a result, it can be said that they do most of their work in the workplace. Therefore, in most cases, the furniture industry is more important than home furniture.

Proper furniture selection by managers and business owners has a major impact on how employees perform and increase their efficiency. Therefore, managers of different companies and departments should be careful in buying this type of furniture and consult with industry experts before buying furniture. Moreover, functionality of furniture and their harmony with office atmosphere makes furniture colour and design more noticeable.

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 Good furniture should be ergonomically designed and beautifully adapted to the different situations of the human body. Besides, furniture durability is another key point. Using good quality furniture in offices and companies not only improves employee performance but also has a positive impact on their health.

Today, many companies in Iran, like their foreign competitors, are active in the office furniture industry. To increase their customer base, they have turned to producing ergonomic office furniture and other creative and functional office furniture.

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Pouresh Investment and Development Group

The office furniture usage in organizations and offices is inevitable. The great potential demand in Iranian market makes this industry as a profitable one. Pouresh Group has been active in both export and import business and in setting up a manufacturing unit  can support share its experiences.

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