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Herbal and Organic Drug Industry

About herbal and organic medicines

Traditional medicine and the use of herbal and organic medicines for the treatment of a variety of diseases in our country has long been a long time ago and until now many Iranian scientists have pointed out important applications of medicinal plants. Iranian physicians and scholars such as Abu Ali Sina, Zakaria Razi, Seyyed Ismail Jarjani and many Iranian geniuses have studied traditional medicine and how to use herbs in their books and oral teachings. The unique works and writings of these scientists are still an important source for the treatment of a variety of physical and mental illnesses through medicinal plants.

Medicinal herbs usually have edible properties and used as a seasoning for various Iranian and foreign foods. Herbs such as basil, rosemary, ginger, garlic, and organo both give a special flavour to foods and used to relieve pain, treat colds and keep the nerves calm. However, it should be noted that medicinal herbs should not be taken arbitrarily. Some people think that the use of herbs does not cause any problems at any time because of being free of chemicals, while it is not. Medicinal herbs should also be administered in accordance with specific guidelines and guidelines in order to avoid adverse effects.

Fortunately, in recent years, many activities have been carried out in the field of herbal medicine in our country, and the advances made in this field have helped to better understand traditional Iranian medicine and the use of herbs for the treatment of various diseases.

گیاهان دارویی و ارگانیک

What does Pouresh Investment Development Group do in this regard?

Due to the special climate and diversity of species of medicinal and organic plants, Iran has a great potential to exploit these natural products in the herbal and organic pharmaceutical industry. Organic drug use in the country can be a lucrative and growing industry if it is on the right scientific and industrial path. The industries based on medicinal herbs have prospered over the years. Pouresh Group supports producers and industrialists who intend to produce, trade and provide employment in any part of the industry and to contribute to the country’s non-oil economy

گیاهان دارویی و ارگانیک