Welcome to Pouresh Investment development group

Unit 4, Floor 2, No 63, Yaser St, Junc Yaser, Niavaran, Tehran, Iran

Supply and development of investment

Investment firms are companies that facilitate organizations growth by financing, investing, identifying and attracting new opportunities, and advising on machinery, raw materials or finding business partners. Investing companies with experienced and expertise specialists in investing, setting up and managing different types of industries, manufacturing and service companies, experienced import and export specialists, etc. will help you make a good return on your resources. Some investment firm services include business analysis and consulting, business plan preparation, valuation, financing consulting, economic analysis and consulting, marketing consulting, trading and import and export consulting, and more.


Pouresh Investment Development Group

Our core business in the Pouresh Investment Development Group, as the title of this group is defined, is the provision and development of investments. What Pouresh team has done and is currently doing is providing domestic and foreign funding for the manufacturing, construction and commercial sectors. Our specialized activity is to find and invest and allocate areas of capital, thereby helping to create jobs and boost the non-oil economy, to set up new industries and utilize the country’s potential and natural resources. The other items you see in this group’s list of services are all manufacturing or business areas where our specialists have previously specialized in or offer to invest