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XPS, XLPE foams

فوم های xps

Introducing the XPS and XLPE foam industry

The foam industry is very diverse. Different types of foam are used in different industries. Foam is more commonly used in the construction, automotive, insulation, medical and other industries. XPS and XLPE foams are a new generation of foams that are distinct from their previous generations due to their specific grain or density. The XPS and XLPE foams are much finer-grained. The new technologies that make these foams dependent on them make them both lighter than others and produce much finer and more professional densities. The foam feature is lightweight. But these XPS and XLPE foams are even lighter than the other foams. Most importantly, their low density makes them more durable. It is thought that XPS and XLPE foams are nowadays used in various industries, including in building insulation and sometimes even for wall coverings and roofing in the building industry.

 XLPE foams are more commonly used in the automotive industry. When you get into a car, about 70% to 75% of your surroundings are covered with foam. The XLPE foam is versatile, comes in a variety of shapes and colours, has a long shelf life, superior quality and features. The technology for producing these foams has not yet arrived in Iran. Manufacturers have been trying very hard to incorporate this technology. But so far this product is not fully produced in Iran. This product is still imported. For example, our automotive industry relies on the import of foam sheets. While our country exports raw materials for these foams. Polypropylene or P.P is a raw material in our petrochemicals is produced and exported. But unfortunately we have to import the finished product. This is a manufacturing field that is capable of development and raw materials are produced in our country.

فوم های xps

What does Pouresh Investment Development Group do in this regard?

Our team has the connections and ability to bring the technical know-how and machinery of the industry from first-hand manufacturers of XPS and XLPE foams. Importing machinery and inviting engineers and technicians to set up machinery is another service that this group can offer to applicants. Pouresh’s team can also import the finished product as long as the product is available in the country. The final product can be custom-ordered in any colour, thickness and density currently available to the team.