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Shell egg, liquid, dried egg converting industry

Besides export and import, fund attraction and allocation to industrial and production projects, pouresh investment development group   had a successful experience in importing full production line and machinery of shell egg, liquid and dried egg converting industry in East Azerbaijan provenience. This article explains our valuable experience about this lucrative industry.

Shell egg, liquid and dried converting industry is always a successful investment

Are you an Eggeterian ? If yes, you know that the egg price fluctuate in different seasons. For instance the egg price has downward trend in summer times regarding to excess supply and deterioration of eggs. Our solution is convert eggs to powder and liquid to hedge the price fluctuation and manage high season demand.


 Product Introduction

The gap time between production and consumption, incorrect consumption culture, inappropriate packaging and incorrect storage are the main reason of great food waste in our country. The consumption of pasteurized egg powder is one of the ways to reduce the waste of vital egg material. Eggs are made with great effort and high costs and high prices, and consumption fluctuations affect prices and waste. Allocation a small dried part of a warehouse and convert egg to egg powder enable us to make suitable profit during high seasons or export or production

Scientific definition of the product

Eggs are an important food source for humanity. Two eggs contain about 12 grams of protein, 1.2 grams of carbohydrates, 11 grams of lipid, significant amounts of iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, E, K and most of the vitamin B compounds.

Egg whites have a significant amount of water and about 50% protein, niacin and riboflavin. Most vitamins and nutrients are found in egg yolk. Egg yolk is related to the percentage of xanthophyll pigments.


Advantages of powder and egg liquid

Eggs have been substituted for egg powder in large industries such as: Animal husbandry and biscuit making and etc. Egg powder has produced and distributed by number of Iranian and International companies.

The benefits of powder and egg

liquid are as follows:

Durability of egg powder is longer than fresh egg

 Easier to use in different industries

 Smaller volume than fresh eggs

 White and yolk separately and in combination

 Prevent Secondary Pollution


 What is the main consumption of powder and liquid egg?

  • Cake, Muffin & Biscuit Industries: It provides better texture, flavour, colour and increasing nutritional value and shelf life.
  • Meat Industry: It is useful to Increase water absorption power  and provides better product physical appearance.
  • Spaghetti Production: It provides lower glaze amount and Increase volume during baking.
  • sauce industry: Egg powder helps to uniform the sauce texture by its emulsifier feature.
  • Ice Cream industry: Longer maintenance time in normal temperature, better appearance and taste are the advantages of powder or liquid egg consumption.
  • Nutrition: Production of abundant foam when producing and increasing the volume and nutritional value of Nutrition
  • Dietary and Sport Supplements: It contains all the essential amino acids and excellent protein source.
  • Gaz Production: (Gaz is an Iranian nougat originated in Isfahan. It is widely known as Persian Nougat in American and European countries) Powder or liquid egg consumption has a suitable effect to increase the volume and nutrition value
  • How is egg powder produced?

    Eggs are mechanically washed first. After separation of the defective eggs, the healthy eggs are broken down by egg breaker, white egg, yolk and skin separated.

    The yolks and white eggs are then transferred to the centrifuge for homogenization, either separately or mixed.

    After the homogenization step, pasteurization is performed. After that, a spray dryer is used to convert the liquid into powder.

      Then comes the cooling and packing step, and the powder is packed in vacuum bags or custom cans.


    Market and Competitor Analysis
    the advantages of powder and liquid eggs make it favorable as a suitable substitute good for fresh egg in industrial consumption. Replacing egg with its powder or liquid makes process easier and faster, because they have lower volume, longer storage time and easy to transport. Moreover, the ease of use of egg powder reduces shipping costs, labor wages and equipment for maintenance, washing, breaking, egg separation, and so on. However, the number of industrial units which concentrate in this production is confined to small number.

    Regarding to the long-term viability of this product and suitable domestic demand, its suitability for export markets. We expect a profitable investment.

  • What are the project implementation requirements?

    In this section we discuss the construction of an egg powder production unit from an investment perspective and economic indicators.

    It is estimated to build a unit of egg white powder with a nominal capacity of 300 tons per year, egg yolk powder of a nominal capacity of 700 tons per year, and egg powder of a nominal capacity of 799 tons per year, at a cost of about 15 billion Toman. Its working capital is estimated around 4 billion Toman and 35% rate of return is expected.

  • Investment Proposal

    Eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and their consumption is critical to keeping people healthy. Regarding to importance of agricultural industry and the production of more value-added and shelf-life products, egg and egg powder production will play an important role in this industry. Considering the different uses of this product and its advantages over eggs, it is well justified to implement its production plan.

    Most egg-consuming industries will have to replace egg powder and liquid if they are required to comply with health standards. Moreover, this product has reliable export markets over the world which makes it a strategic commodity for the country.

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