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Introducing the industry of advanced moisture and heat insulation

The new generation of advanced heat and humidity insulators are more efficient and different than their predecessors. These insulators are lighter in weight and thicker than products in the building industry. Their main advantage over other insulators is that they can prevent moisture or heat from penetrating on either side. The thickness of these insulators are as thick as four A4 paper sheets.

These insulators are made up of eight layers and can withstand 95% of the outside heat and 95% of the inside heat, depending on the environment in which they are installed. Moreover, they are installed very quickly and if they damaged, it is easy to replace and repair the affected part. The insulators installation is in a way that they collect and transfer moisture by small waterways that look similar to the egg carton. Thermal insulation is also used in the building industry, in ceilings, walls, floors of buildings, concrete roofs, sloping roofs and so on.

عایق های پیشرفته رطوبتی و حرارتی

What services does the Pouresh Group offer in the field of thermal insulation?

Our team has the ability to supply and deliver these products to buyers. Installing these insulators is a specialized task. We introduce a professional and experienced team to install these heat and humidity insulators and provide the applicants. The last project our team has done in the field of moisture insulation is the Niayesh Tunnel project In Tehran.