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construction and decorative stone industry

The Status of the Construction and Decorative Stone Industry  

The rich reserves, high potential and added value of the stone industry in Iran and the existence of many mines have made it one of the most important industries after the oil industry in Iran.This is a gift that has given us our geographical and climate location. Iran is one of the largest producers of building stone in the world. According to Dez’s statistics in 1390 the number of active mines in the country was around 1092.

سنگهای ساختمانی و تزئینی

Masonry stone

Construction and decorative stones are divided into three groups: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Marble, marble, porcelain, conglomerate, travertine, sandstone, granite, diorite, syenite, gaber, etc. are some of the names of these rocks.

Masonry stones are used in the facade of buildings, the interior of buildings, walls, etc. Some stones are also used in industry. Stones differ in colour, porosity, hardness and strength, and have different applications based on these properties. Classifications of rocks used in the building industry in facades and ornamentation include sedimentary rocks such as sandstones and conglomerates, calcareous rocks, marble, travertine, igneous rocks such as granites and rhyolites, and metamorphic rocks such as marble and gneiss.

سنگهای ساختمانی و تزئینی

What has the Pouresh Investment Development Group done in this industry?

Our country has rich natural resources and in this sense it provides many opportunities for investors. Pouresh group provide Investment, import of machinery and any kind of services in order to establish a unit for extraction and processing of various types of stone and decorative stone are services to the activists in this field. Pouresh Group has done Omid Abadeh stone and mine production and processing industries project in Fars province.

سنگهای ساختمانی و تزئینی