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Stationery industry in Iran

What do we know about the stationery industry?

Stationery is all the tools used to write and do things. People of different ages and occupations use stationery. From minors who paint in preschools using office and pencil or whiteboard boards to students, office workers and even senior executives in different companies may use stationery. As a result, these devices have many customers. Stationery was invented since the invention of the production line, and with the Industrial Revolution many improvements were made in the industry. The most important benefit of stationery is making it easier for people of all ages and occupations to write. Writing and office supplies have many different types. Drawing & drawing supplies, printers, archive supplies, writing supplies, all kinds of office and paper supplies, tools such as pencils and pen used for writing, and school supplies for all types of stationery.

لوازم التحریر و اداری

Pouresh group and stationary industry

Students, employees and all businesses somehow need office and office supplies. To meet this need, local industries and factories have been set up and they are working in the field. However, some domestic products do not meet the needs of the country, and in many cases we are importers. Some items are exported to other countries in the country of production and surplus domestic demand.

For example, Pouresh Group is the official distributor of Sahand stationery and office supplies products in Turkey. Pouresh Investment Development Group advises on projects that are productive or commercial in this industry.

لوازم التحریر و اداری