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What is Thermowood?

Find out more about Thermo-wood

Thermo-wood is one of the products made of wood that is popular today. This wooden product is widely used in architecture because of its features and capabilities. Thermo-wood is a relatively inexpensive, affordable wood product that architects and interior designers have come to use. It is used not only in the facades of buildings such as beach villas but also in interior decoration. This beautiful wooden product is used in the manufacture of partitions for different interiors, front tables and tea tables, pots and carpets. This product is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and its colour does not change easily over time. For this reason, it is also widely used in outdoor areas such as the courtyard and the balcony. Thermo-wood is highly resistant to hazards such as moisture, exhaustion, and as a result has a longer shelf life than similar products. Finland is one of the most successful and active countries in the field of thermo-wood industry and many industry experts compare Iranian thermo-wood products with their Finnish counterparts. In our country, many industrial activities have been started in this field since the last 5 years. Russian pine trees are often used in the construction of the Iranian Thermo-Wood.


What does Pouresh Investment Group do in the Thermo-Wood industry?

We at Pouresh Group are your supporters in importing all kinds of this product from various applications from the best foreign manufacturers. Also, our team is ready for any kind of consulting, investment and participation in the projects of construction and commissioning of industrial and production units of various types of Thermo-wood in Iran and import of related equipment and raw materials.