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Electric & Hand Tools Industry

Learn more about the power tools industry

Electric and hand tools are one of the most important man-made products used in the past. Tools are widely used in the construction, carpentry, forging, repair, agriculture and horticulture, service industries and other industries. Tools have various types, the most important of them are power tools, cordless tools, wind instruments, gardening tools and hand tools. Electric tools are more popular among other tools because of their speed of use. The most important electrical tools are drills, mini-mills, sanding machines, welding of plastic pipes and so on.Cordless tools also have their own fans. Cordless tools can be referred to as a cordless screwdriver, depending on factors such as battery type and battery capacity.

ابزار آلات برقی و دستی

Wind instruments are another type of tool that have different uses based on characteristics such as average wind consumption or device dimensions. Air tools and air punch compressors can be mentioned.

Gardening Tools is another type of tool that has many applications in gardening and agriculture. Gasoline saws, gasoline lawn mowers and garden scissors are examples of such tools.Hand tools are also the most widely used tools. These tools are used in small home repairs and specialized repairs in various industries. The various boxing boxes are one of the most important examples of hand tools used in all technical jobs .In our country there are small and big industries that are trying to market quality tools using Iranian expertise.

Where do we stand in the tool industry?

Pouresh Investment Group is an investor and supporter of the import and export of electric and hand tools and provides any services to set up an industrial unit in this field. If you work in any of these fields or are planning to start a related business, our experts are at your service.

ابزار آلات برقی و دستی